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Welcome to eStub - an online program allowing employee access to past and current pay stubs and W2’s!  No more worries of losing your pay stub or misplacing your W2.  You now have full access to both of these documents whenever the need arises from within the district or at home. 

In order to access the eStub program, you will be required to enter an employee ID# as well as a PIN#.  Your employee ID# is your district employee MUNIS number (on your paycheck stub) and your PIN# is your social security # with no dashes (for your first time login).  After your initial login, your pin # may be changed by clicking on the “Reset My Pin” link from the login page.  You may change your PIN# to anything you wish (a mixture of letters and numbers are acceptable).

From any computer, click on this link to go to the eStub screen.