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Volunteer Information


Volunteer Handbook


KRS 161.148/KRS161.044 requires that all parent volunteers that provide direct supervision of students must participate in a volunteer training (as designated by each district) and submit for a criminal record check. 


In addition, Pendleton County Schools require volunteers to:

Obtain a volunteer handbook.  Handbooks are available by clicking here or from any of the school secretaries at the four schools, or the Department of Student Support office, 


Complete and submit an Application Form. You may print your application form by clicking here. Please ensure form is legible for processing. It should be  returned to your child's school in a sealed envelope or to NFRYSC/Jodi Buckley or SFRYSC/Kelly Klaber.


Once the form is submitted, please allow time for processing. Upon approval, the volunteer will be notified by letter and the volunteer's name is added to the district list which is distributed to each of the schools' front office.


Active volunteer status is valid for three (3) school years.   For example, records processed anytime during the 2019-20 school year will expire at the end of the school year of 2021-22.


For more information please contact Jodi Buckley or Kelly Klaber.